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STEM Kit Library


The Civil Air Patrol’s STEM Kit program provides STEM resources for hands-on, inquiry-based learning. The STEM Kit program has been providing a selection of STEM Kits to CAP Unit Aerospace Education Officers (AEOs) and CAP educator members since January, 2013, to educate the next generation STEM workforce. Squadron 156 has many STEM Kits that have been provided by NHQ and that have been used to delivery quality, hands-on STEM activities during our AE training.

Items in our STEM Kit library are also available for our members and for other squadrons to use for many purposes such as:

  • Self-driven learning (learn at home)
  • External Aerospace Education activities (such as science fairs, school visits and airport open-houses)
  • Training preparation


The following STEM Kits are available to our members:


Raspberry Pi

BeeBot / GoMouse



Flight Simulator
Remote Control Aircraft (and simulator)



Model Rocketry

Borrowing policy:

• Items may be borrowed for 1 month by any squadron member that gets approval from the Aerospace Education Officer. 
• Arrangements must be made by contacting the Aerospace Education Officer in advance.
• Only one STEM Kit may be checked out at one time.
• Approvals are at the discretion of the AEO
• You may re-check out a STEM Kit after bringing it back.
• STEM Kits must be returned to the Aerospace Education Officer.

You are responsible for all items included in the kit. You will be responsible for replacement costs should the item be returned damaged or missing parts.


  • Contact the Aerospace Education Officer and schedule checkout through the squadron sharepoint
  • review the safety materials (can be done in eServices)
  • Make sure the kit is in working order when you pick it up and that nothing is missing / damaged
  • Keep kit up to 30 days
  • Return the kit. AEO will ensure that everything is in working order when you drop it off and that nothing is missing / damaged.


The following calendar tracks all of the reservations of our squadron STEM Kits

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