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Squadron 156 Parent Newsletter - January 2021

December 30, 2020

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Message from the Deputy Commander

Dear Parents and Cadets,

Happy New Year to you and your families. Although California Wing Group 2 continues to be in Phase 0 health orders, our members continue to support a vibrant cadet program while maintaining operational readiness to support our communities through our Emergency Services mission.

I am excited about the opportunities this year will bring. Even through this horrible pandemic, our squadron has continued to grow. Our members have been actively engaged in our missions and our leadership has provided ongoing worthwhile events and activities.

I am also proud to share that our squadron earned the Quality Cadet Unit Award this year. This is awarded to squadrons that exceed multiple quality metrics for program participation from both our cadet and adult members.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Civil Air Patrol and Tri-Valley Composite Squadron 156.

Awards and Promotions

Please join us during our meeting on Wednesday, January 6th at 6:30PM for a visit by the California Wing Commander, Col Ross Veta, who will be presenting the Brig General Billy Mitchell Award to our two newest cadet officers:

• C/CMSgt Arsh Muhib will be promoted to C/2nd Lt

• C/CMSgt Lena Amato will be promoted to C/2nd Lt

We also invite you to help honor cadets who have earned awards and promotions in the past month:

• C/A1C Sriya Katreddi completed Achievement 3 – earning the Mary Feik Ribbon and is promoted to C/SrA

• C/TSgt Yuhui “Samantha” Wang completed Achievement 5 – earning the Charles Lindbergh Ribbon and is promoted to C/MSgt

• C/Amn Joshua Gohres has earned the Community Service Ribbon

• C/SrA Samhita Srivatsan and C/SrA Sriya Katreddi have earned the Cadet Basic STEM Badge

Cadet Programs Conference - Feb 12-15

The annual Cadet Programs Conference is will be conducted in Virtual Reality this year. This 3 ½ conference is completely dedicated to cadets and is intended to cover a broad range of special interests and activities while also being a social event. This year’s CPC will feature dozens of classes, an aerospace pavilion, and a virtual career and education fair featuring representatives from nearly two dozen colleges, universities, and employers.

The Cadet Programs Conference featured speakers will include leaders in science, defense, government, and industry including:

· Dr. Stacey A. Dixon - Deputy Director, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA)

· Michael Dubin - Founder & CEO, Dollar Shave Club

· Lt General Dorothy Hogg - Surgeon General of the United States Air Force

· Rear Admiral Melissa Bert - Judge Advocate General, U.S. Coast Guard

· Dr. Suzanne Kearns - International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member, Royal Air Society Fellow, Professor of Aviation, and Award-Winning Author

· Brigadier General Shan K. Bagby - Commanding General, Brooke Army Medical Center & Chief, US Army Dental Corps

· Chief Kimberly Spears-Mcnatt - Chief of Police, Ohio State University Police Department

· Special Agent in Charge Steven Hooper - Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), retired

· Lt Col (Dr.) Mary Big Mountain, USAF – Director of Operations, DET. 028, AFROTC

· Ali Shahbaz - Forbes magazine, Contributor & Professional Writer

Squadron CyberPatriot Team Improves National Ranking – Places 82nd Nationally

On December 13th, the Squadron 156 CyberPatriot team competed in the second round of the national CyberPatriot competition. This 6-hour competition required our cadets to solve various computer security problems including identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in multiple simulated computer systems and a simulated computer network.

At the conclusion of the 6-hour competition, Squadron 156’s team earned a total of 207.46 points which ranked them 82nd nationally from over 700 teams that competed in the All Service Division.

This is Squadron 156’s second year fielding a CyberPatriot team. Last year, our team finished in the top 300 teams nationwide, ranking 14th place of their competitive class, the “Gold” tier. With the team’s hard work and perseverance, they are sure to place in the top “Platinum” tier this year.

The next competition is January 22-23. Let’s wish our team luck!

Group 2 Cadet Emergency Services Academy

Who: California Wing Cadet and Senior Members with interest in entry level Emergency Services roles

When: Jan 16-17, 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Where: Via Microsoft Teams

Cost: FREE

This course is a cadet-oriented-but-open-for-everyone emergency services school. We are recruiting instructors and staff to cover 3 possible tracks;

· Aircrew - a Mission Scanner School for cadets approaching or older than 18 years old and senior members

· SUAS (drones) - open for everyone, to cover SUAS Technician and/or SUAS Pilot Emergency Services training tasks

· Ground/Base - open for everyone, which will include training for Radio Communication, Mission Staff Assistant, Urban Direction-Finding Team and possibly Ground Team 3

Sign Up Here

Remote Search and Rescue Exercise

Group 2 is also hosting a Search and Rescue Exercise from Jan 7 to Feb 23. The purpose of this exercise is to train and certify our aircrews and base staff personnel, including cadets that participate in the Cadet Emergency Services Academy.

At the moment, the exercise is planned to concentrate on deploying our airborne repeater, the airborne public address system and the WALDO airborne photography system. With a mission plan as diverse as this, we will need lots of help.

We will be seeking opportunities for our Cadet Emergency Services Academy students to apply their new skills in this training exercise.

Cadet Promotions Made Easy!

Our squadron has been rebuilding our procedures to make advancement more straightforward for our newer cadets.

For cadets to earn their first stripe, the Curry Ribbon and a $100 voucher for uniform items at, most of our cadets only need to take the online leadership test at

If you cannot access the online testing application, please ask for help.

Did you know …

· CAP members are allowed to purchase uniform items at Military Clothing Stores such as the one at Travis Air Force Base? Use your CAP Membership Card to get admitted to the base.

· that cadets can participate in Emergency Services missions and exercises in a variety of functions, including as drone pilots?

· that Civil Air Patrol members assist local schools, clubs, and other community organizations by providing STEM-based training and free hands-on materials through our Aerospace Education mission? If you know of a school or organization that needs help with STEM or aviation related topics, please let us know!

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