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Recruiting and Retention Officer for Cadets

January 3, 2020

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The recruiting and retention officer leads the squadron’s effort to recruit new members and retain existing members. In a Cadet Programs context, the RRO assists the unit commander in creating a systematic process for publicizing the CAP Cadet Program locally, generating excitement among prospective cadets, providing them with an orientation (preferably using Cadet Great Start), and converting those youth into cadets via the CAP membership process. Moreover, the RRO monitors cadets’ participation, ensures that absent cadets are contacted and invited to become more active in CAP, and reminds cadets to renew their memberships and/or learn why they are choosing to leave CAP.

RROs should familiarize themselves with the following publications:

  • CAPF 12, Application for Senior Membership
  • CAPF 15, Application for Cadet Membership / Online Cadet Membership Application
  • CAPR 39-2, CAP Membership
  • CAPP 60-12, Parents’ Guide to the CAP Cadet Program
  • CAPP 60-14, First Talk Guide
  • CAPP 60-21, Cadet Great Start
  • Curry Blues Voucher
  • Cadet Encampment Assistance Program

Time Commitment

This is a good position for a volunteer who wants to serve for two meetings per month, or more. In many ways, this position lends itself to serving from home / outside the normal meeting time.

Key Duties & Best Practices

  1. Publicity & Outreach. The recruiting and retention officer coordinates the unit’s publicity and outreach efforts. This typically includes publicizing and organizing open houses, conducting social media campaigns, providing fliers for cadets to post in their schools and community centers, and organizing and staffing recruiting booth activities at major community events such as airshows and fairs. The RRO should also make contact with area military recruiting offices to ensure personnel there know that they can refer their prospects to the local CAP squadron. 58 CAPP 60-11 CP Officer Handbook, October 2018
  2. Orientation & Great Start. The RRO should help the squadron implement the Cadet Great Start program. While RROs should not be made responsible for implement the actual Cadet Great Start program content, they are excellent resources for conducting the squadron open house that kicks-off the program and conducting the parents’ orientation. Further, RROs should ensure that every prospective cadet is matched with a wingman or mentor who can help them get started as a cadet.
  3. Attendance & Follow-Up Contact. RROs actively monitor cadet participation in weekly meetings and local activities. They take attendance (or work with a cadet who is assigned this task) and ensure that cadets who have been absent without notice are contacted by someone in the unit as a check-up opportunity.
  4. Renewals & Separations. RROs actively monitor membership rosters, making note of when individuals’ renewals come due. They should make contact with cadets whose membership is about to lapse and encourage them to renew and/or respond constructively to any challenges or unsatisfactory experiences the cadet expresses.

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