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Public Affairs Officer

January 4, 2020

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This is role is a “Primary” staff position and the selected candidate will direct all matters related to internal and external public affairs matters. This position reports directly to the Squadron Commander 


  • Work with the commander on all public affairs matters. 

  • Actively work toward advancing in the Public Affairs Specialty Track. 

  • Implement and manage a Public Affairs Program which includes the following 

  • Maintain content on the squadron website to ensure it is up to date and meets guidelines and policies of CAP 

  • Ensure that content is regularly posted on all squadron social media sites (twitter, facebook, etc) 

  • Ensure notable squadron events are recognized by release of information such as press releases or posts to group/wing/national media  

  • Lead open-house and other outreach/recruiting activities. 

  • Comply with CAPR 190-1 and other public affairs publications to include 

  • Keep up to date media list, crisis communications plan. 

  • Regularly update public affairs plan and inform commander of the status of public affairs. 

  • Conduct an Internal Information Program. This includes training members on social media policy and enforcing branding guidelines. 

  • Conduct an External Information Program to include Media and Community Relations. 

  • Ensure National's Public Affairs objectives and missions are met.  

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