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Leadership Education Officer

January 5, 2020

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One of the most visible Cadet Programs Officers on the staff, the leadership education officer is an instructor, a mentor, and a program manager. This officer conducts classroom training, monitors the cadets’ performance on the drill field and their wear of the uniform, mentors cadets informally and during feedback meetings, and is the principal officer in charge of the Cadet Great Start program. It is not necessary for this officer to be a former cadet or come from a military background, but a willingness to become an expert in the military aspects of cadet life is essential.

Leadership Education Officers need to be familiar with the following publications:

  • CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual
  • CAPR 60-1, Cadet Program Management, (chapters 1-5)
  • CAPP 60-31, Cadet Staff Handbook
  • CAPP 60-32, Cadet Staff Duty Analysis Guide
  • CAPP 60-33, Drill & Ceremonies Manual
  • CAPF 60-90 series, Leadership Feedback Learn to Lead textbook and curriculum guide
  • CAPP 60-11 CP Officer Handbook

Time Commitment

This is a good position for a volunteer who wants to serve as one of the squadron’s key Cadet Programs Officers, attending meetings every week and most unit activities.

Key Duties & Best Practices

  1. Train & Educate Cadets. The leadership education officer develops leadership skills in cadets through classroom education, hands-on activities, and mentoring. This officer is responsible for ensuring cadets are instructed in drill and ceremonies, wear their uniform properly, practice military customs and courtesies, and learn the academic concepts discussed in the cadet textbook. (Cadet officers and NCOs should be used as instructors, under this officer’s supervision.) Further, in coordination with the squadron staff, the leadership education officer oversees cadet officers as they complete Staff Duty Analysis service, technical writing assignments, and oral presentations. In some units, this officer’s curriculum responsibilities include fitness training and testing.
  2. Mentor the Cadet Staff. The leadership education officer monitors and guides the cadet staff’s decision making processes, helping ranking cadets develop their potential to lead while simultaneously ensuring that they fulfill the junior cadets’ training needs. This officer implements and/or oversees leadership feedback meetings using the CAPF 60-90 series to assist the unit commander in evaluating promotion-eligible cadets. In some units, the leadership education officer will also assist the commander in managing the operational aspects of cadet life by reviewing meeting schedules drafted by cadet officers, assigning cadets to instructional duties, and quality checking training plans developed by the cadet staff.
  3. Mentor Cadets. In support of the cadets’ achievement tests and milestone award exam programs, the leadership education officer should mentor cadets who are having difficulty passing tests. This can be accomplished by personally mentoring cadets and/or working with cadet officers and NCOs.

Manage the Cadet Great Start Program. The leadership education officer is responsible for transforming prospective cadets into cadet airmen through the Cadet Great Start program. This includes launching the initial plans for Cadet Great Start, coordinating with other Cadet Programs Officers affected by the program, preparing the cadet staff to take a leadership role as instructors and mentors, and serving as the unit’s expert on the Cadet Great Start curriculum

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