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Aerospace Education Officer for Cadets

January 1, 2020

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This is role is a “Primary” staff position and the selected candidate will direct the aerospace education program for Cadets. The position reports to the Deputy Commander for Cadets 


  • Implement aerospace education policy and advise the deputy commander for cadets on status of AE programs under his/her command. 

  • Implement the aerospace education portion of the cadet program.  

  • Actively work toward advancing in the Aerospace Education Specialty Track. 

  • Establish and review budget requirements.  

  • Monitor aerospace education requirements from higher headquarters to ensure compliance. 

  • Develop an AE Plan of Action with other AEO staff.  

  • Plan AE Activities to accomplish the objectives of the AE Plan of Action 

  • Regularly update the commander on the progress of the AE Plan of Action.  

  • Complete the end-of-year AE Activity Report with feedback from other AEO staff. 

  • Solicit the submission of AE Awards from subordinate units including: Brewer Awards, Mission Awards, AEO of the Year Award, and AE Teacher of the Year Award.  

  • Participate in a committee to select winners for AE awards including: Brewer Awards, Mission Awards, AEO of the Year Award, AE Teacher of the Year Award. 

  • Encourage unit participation in the voluntary Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Program 

  • Encourage unit participation in the Air Force Association/Civil Air Patrol grant program 

  • Encourage unit participation in AE Outside Activities such as CyberPatriots or StellarXplorers 

  • Encourage unit participation in Orientation Rides 

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