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Pilot Onboarding

If you are a pilot and wish to fly Civil Air Patrol aircraft, you will need to complete our process to get checked out.

☐ Upload your pilot qualifications - .pdf

The VFR Pilot page links will direct you to eServices-Operations Qualifications-Pilot-FAA Qualifications and other pages for the PIC hours and the one-time Statement of Understanding.

Be prepared to upload your pilot certificate(s), current medical, proof of applicable PIC Time via the last completed log book page or electronic logbook summary, and proof of current Flight Review (FYI, a successful completion of the initial and annual F5 flight evaluation will complete 95% of the FAA Wings Flight Review requirement). Complete the following sections in the redirected page FAA Requirements and fill out the applicable sections:

  • FAA Medical

  • FAA Flight Review

  • FAA Instrument Rating (If Applicable)

  • Statement of Understanding

  • Orientation Pilot – Minimum Hours

At this time, you will not need to complete anything under Checkride/Questionnaires – Airplane

☐ Learn WMIRS

WMIRS is the web-based application that we use to schedule aircraft, create a sortie, upload our W&B, get a flight release from a Flight Release Officer (FRO), and close a sortie. You can access WMIRS either through the links at the bottom of eServices: or directly at:

Here is the WMIRS training material: In the LMS application, click the Log in using your account on CAWG Office 365 link and then complete the three modules.

☐ G1000 Training and Info (To Fly G1000 aircraft)

☐ Garmin NXi documentation (Squadron 156’s aircraft is an NXi)

☐ Get a mentor

The Squadron Standards and Eval Officer can introduce you to an available CAP instructor pilot to mentor you for your Form 5 Checkride. Your CAP instructor pilot and this great material will assist you to prepare for your CAP Flight Evaluation Form 5:

Group 2’s web site:

National Headquarters Standards and Evaluation web site:

☐ Review the Form 5 Flight Evaluation form:

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