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Cadet Programs

To actively participate in our Cadet Programs mission as a senior member, you will need to complete a few of our cadet programs training courses. This training is not required for senior members who only work with cadets incidentally (e.g. supervising a cadet during an emergency services mission or conducting an orientation ride), but this training is always encouraged.

The following courses are on eServices in Online Learning and AXIS

☐ Take the Cadet Protection Advanced Course

☐ Take the Basic Instructor Course

The following courses are taught by our members in a classroom setting

☐ Enroll in Training Leaders of Cadets – Basic

Other actions that you can take to support the Cadet Program

☐ Enroll in the Cadet Programs specialty track

☐ Download and read the “Parent’s Guide to the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program

☐ Download and read “The Cadet Program Officer’s Handbook & Specialty Track Guide

☐ Download and read the “Cadet Great Start” guide

☐ Take the online learning course “Specialty Track 216 – Cadet Programs Officer, Technician Rating”

☐ Find a mentor in cadet programs (speak with the Deputy Commander for Cadets)

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