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Commanders Message

I am very honored to have the opportunity not only to serve once again as a CAP commander, but to also participate in the historic return of Squadron 156 to the Tri-valley area. Not unlike a phoenix, our squadron has risen from the ashes of our namesake, which served the community until the late seventies before retiring their colors with honor. We've been especially interested in our past, and are actively looking into the past to see who comprised the squadron in those early days, and what sorts of deeds they accomplished. It's not an easy task, but our historian has worked tirelessly to bring the past to light.

Being a part of the Civil Air Patrol is both a challenging and rewarding way to perform an important mission, as well as to perform one's civic duty. To do so in this rich and varied community is especially notable. Many of us call the Tri-valley home, and you can easily feel the connection to neighbor and friend. The valley is well-known not only for being the oldest wine region in California, but also as a hub for science and technology. Our cadet program's foundation is rooted in STEM, and being surrounded by important science centers such as Sandia National laboratory and Lawrence Livermore Labs, lends credence to our mission to inspire our local youth to consider those important educational goals.

I'm proud to be part of the living history of Tri-Valley Composite Squadron 156, and look forward to continuing to grow as a community partner here in the Valley.

Capt Michael E. Carter, CAP

Commander, Squadron 156

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